M2M SIM card offering

We target your distributed cellular products in the field!

*Data offering only


One Time Fees

$5 SIM card shipped

$5 activation


One Low Monthly Cost

Up to 1 MB Up to 3 MB Up to 5 MB Up to 10 MB
Yearly Plan $2.68 /month
$3.88 /month
$5.08 /month
$8.08 /month
Monthly Plan $3.35 /month $4.85 /month $6.35 /month $10.11 /month


Region 1 included in price. Disable other regions to remove possible overages.

Covered / Not Covered

Activate Zone SMS* Overage
Region 1 $0.19 $0.0020/1KB
Region 2 $0.93 $0.0055/1KB
Region 3 $0.93 $0.0098/1KB
Region 4 $0.93 $0.0141/1KB
Region 5 $1.58 $0.0548/1KB
*SMS: Outgoing only, use SMS-over-IP for cheaper SMS

Important Notes:

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Coming Soon: Detailed customer usage information available in user console

Coming Soon: Roaming active October 2014, currently to use SIM in Regions 2-5, full plans are utilized

All prices are subject to change.